How can I get rid of invisible contacts?

Nextcloud 10.0.1
After installing my fresh nextcloud (I did NOT migrate) 11 months ago I really messed around with different devices and applications for syncing my contacts. Involved are:

  • Sailfish (Jolla), sync not working for a long time, but surprisingly yet
  • SyncEvolution on Sailfish (failed too, but not completely. Really?)
  • Evolution (3 Ubuntus) running mad after a while
  • Kontact (1 Ubuntu) not sure how this forced the situation
  • Solus (the OS itself has a nice OC/Nextcloud support)
  • Contacts (Gnome on Solus)
  • The webinterface of the nextcloud contacts app.

My situation now is: in the web-interface I can see a very low amount of contacts, uploaded by my Jolla phone. This would be okay, but…
…now I installed Gnome Contacts on a fresh Solus, and it downloaded immediately ALL contacts I ever had, incl. a lot of duplicates. But I don’t know from where. I can’t see these contacts in the web app. I can’t delete the related adress book.
I fear to botch the database by trying to edit it manually (to be honest, I haven’t even tried to search there). How can I solve this?


The best is probably, to check if such an error has been reported here before:

If you submit your problem, try to add an entry which is not shown on the webinterface (either from your Gnome Contacts or directly from the database).

I can’t necessarily assist with the invisible contact situation, but:

Perhaps once you’ve recreated a new address book and re-setup sync the issue will not reoccur.

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@JasonBayton: of course I tried this first. But it deleted only the visible contacts. The invisible ones were still there, so I guess the whole addressbook is invisible for the nextcloud app, too.

I found out that the “Gnome contacts”-application on Solus was able to delete all those contacts from the dark side of NextCloud. Each one seperately, but it did. All new and re-imported contacts are connected to the “bright side”, so there’s no tangible problem anymore for the present.

Maybe the hidden addressbook is still in the database, if one could give me a hint where to dig in the MySql-database I would try.

@tflidd: I’ll take a look.

Thanks for your help,

I had something similar with the Calendar actually, but I was able to delete it when I installed DAVDroid which shows all calendars and addressbooks, unlike the NC interface which did not.

Open as an issue on GH and the relevant devs will assist for the Contacts app, possibly faster than waiting for one to see this thread here.

Hi, I had a similar issue when importing my existing contacts into nextcloud after exporting from android. I had a prefs= callout that nextcloud didn’t like and it was hidden but still in the database. Even if I deleted the username in nextcloud and recreated the same name, the database entry was still there and got re associated with the username.

I ended up deleting everything and I noticed that there were still entries in the database under oc_cards and oc_cards_properties. The two are related to eachother by ID or URI it seems.

It is a lot easier to see what you are looking at when viewing it in phpmyadmin maybe, but if you locate the offending entries, you may be ok just removing them. I didn’t seem to have any issues.