Help with: AI in Nextcloud: what, why and how


Has anyone got this working?

As I’m not a rocket scientist, just a user. I would like to ask for a simple as possible description on “what, why and how”
in Stp-by-Step.

1.) install all necessary apps.

2) configer …

Please take a look at my desperate attempts here.

I kindly request assistance with this issue. Could you please help me get this up and working

Well, I don’t think the linked article can or should be more specific, as we’re not talking about a single app, but a series of apps and integrations, some of which have further dependencies or even specific hardware requirements. Also, you probably don’t need all the integrations listed in the article.

So I’d suggest you use the article to decide which apps and integrations you want to install, then follow the links in the relevant sections of the article and try to get them working one at a time.

If you run into difficulties with a specific app or integration, start a new thread and give us as much information as possible about your system, what went wrong and what you tried.

Long story short. It’s not the article that needs to be more specific, but you need to ask more specific questions :wink:


I think first of all is to get rid of this Error:

ExApp not found, please install the Context Chat Backend App from the Nextcloud AppStore
Temporary problem with indexing, trying again soon

What I want to achieve first is the Context Chat is working
I have the NC manual there

so I think to get some result in the chat - BUT


How to get this working?

I haven’t done anything with these apps yet, but from what I understand from the descriptions and code, this message is an error. The “Context Chat Backend - context_chat_backend” App cannot be installed via the appstore but must be installed separately. How to do that can be found here in the Readme, either standalone or as Docker:

So I would first install the backend and then try the rest.

Much luck,


Many THX for this hint.

I will surely need help to do this:

My NC is on Debian

Pls help in detail to execute this commands in Putty

PS: Hope to find someone here Who also interested to add this feature to get an AI - Nextcloud

As user root:

python -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/actvate
pip install --no-deps -r reqs.txt
apt-get install pandoc

Step 5 and step 6:

If you are not such an expert, you should not use PuTTY, use → MobaXterm ← instead, it contains not only the PuTTY Terminal but provides a graphical file manager as well, which enables you to open the files in a normal file editor, to edit the files as in step 5. and 6.

after that is done:

(replace <nextcloud url> with the url of your nextcloud server)

sudo -u www-data php -f /var/www/nextcloud/occ app_api:daemon:register --net host manual_install "Manual Install" manual-install http null <nextcloud url>
make register28

Oh and by the way, I’m not a rocket scientist either :wink:

Much luck,

Many THX ernolf

I want to be sure what exactly to do before I start “the rocket” with
→ MobaXterm ← ( THX too for the Putty replacement)

5.) in the example.env file,

I have only to replace this line with my Nextcloud URL



Then rename it to “.env”

Up to now I used winscp to do such operation, but maybe I will understand doing this with MobaXterm

BTW: where will I find the file after completing step 1-4

No. That URI does exist. Didn’t you open it in the browser? That has to stay as is.
I guess (I really am not sure!) that you have to replace


with the address defined in 'overwrite.cli.url'


It’s not just a file, it’s sometimes entire software packages that can potentially take down your entire server, depending on the resources available.
But I can’t say much more because - as I already wrote - I haven’t played around with it myself.

Much luck,

Many THX for taking care!

Maybe someone else will also want to use this feature and join.

Happy New Year!

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Also trying to get AI in context to work. Installed all Apps.

Followed all instructions but ending up with an error in line 4 of list above:

pip install --no-deps - r reqs.txt
ERROR: Could not open requirements file: (Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘reqs.txt’

Leaves me with the what is the path to reqs.txt or in which step is it created?
Hope there is anyone else to help with this kind of bleeding edge, but very interesting topic.

Hi, not to mix up Things, I opened this:

To start from scratch.

any progress?

Still stuck with the requirements.txt. There are a lot of options and I don’t have a lot of time to try them all out whether it may work or not. Hope someone else someday with more time can find it out and is so kind to document it.