How to correctly install Context Chat in Nextcloud running Debian?

Hi, Who can provide a Step-by-Step GUID to get this working?

Version 28.0.1

If you need more info to help, Pls. let me know.
Many THX

I think Firsts step is to install Docker on the Nextcloud server.

Nobody any idea on How-To install this “sensational announced” A.I. features :thinking::bangbang:

05/24 Really still nobody here who is able to explain how to set up Context Chat :thinking:

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Let me ask you a question, do you even meet the following requirements?

TL;DR: Does your server have an NVIDIA GPU with at least 6GB of RAM?

If not, you can forget about it right away, which should also answer your question as to why no one else here has experience with it. Local A.I. is quite resource-intensive, but most home users are using low-power minicomputers or small NAS boxes to host their stuff, not enterprise-grade servers with GPUs in them.

If you do have a GPU, I’d say you’ll have to work your way through the linked instructions, and if you manage to get it running, you’ll have learned a lot, and if you like, you could post your findings here in the forum, and provide instructions for beginners in the HowTo or Wiki section, so others can benefit from them.

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Ah, that’s why nothing going forward here.
Thanks for the explanation.
Do these requirements also apply to non-self-hosted AI?