[Help] Trying to understand "Recently Contacted"


I’ml trying to understand that functionnality that is getting in the way a little too much for my taste :slight_smile:

It seems that this group is populated automatically (by the mail app, this is just a guess) each time something is sent (mail app ?) or shared (?) … This seems to be pretty useful but from what I see it becomes a problem.

The main problem is that contacts in that group are added to the “All contacts” group (AC) … meaning for example that if contact CA is in group GA and also in group “Recently Contacted” (RC), if you click on AC, you have that contact 2 times in AC …

This makes the AC group not really usable, each people appearing 2 times if you contacted everybody recently …

Is there a way to disable RC ? or to prevent RC to be added to AC ? or to empty that group ?
I tried suppressing RC (the drop-down menu has that option) but it tells me I do not have the right to suppress it (although I am the main admin) …

Thks. Pierre.



You can disable the recently contacted app in your apps management settings :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late answer!


Thks for taking the time answering …
Ok but where ? I must be blind :frowning:

From what I know there is no such app called “recently contacted”. That is nonsense. No idea why somebody would write that as an answer. https://apps.nextcloud.com/?search=recently

Maybe the user who answered refers to the app called “contacts interaction” which is system integrated.

by Christoph Wurst
Report a bug :arrow_upper_right:
“Collect data about user and contacts interactions and provide an address book for the data.”

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This one yep