Help testing the 2.3.0 desktop client beta

Dear Nextclouders!

There’s a new version of the client coming, 2.3. The Owncloud client team (or rather, their contractors, the guys at Woboq) asked us to help them test the client as there has been little community testing on their side. I have built the client with Nextcloud branding and I’d like to ask you all to help try it out and report bugs!

Please, make sure that if you find issues which are related to the branding (icons, tekst…) to report them in OUR client repo:
While actual syncing issues can be reported to the ownCloud repo where I’ll be helping triage, test and fix issues:

Right now, only the Windows client is ready, it can be found on the download server:
I’m working on getting the Mac version built and I’d like to ask the Linux packaging contributors to create packages for testing! Of course, you can also built the sources yourself, there are some pretty good tutorials out there.

Of course, you can ask questions and discuss here as well.


I’d love to test v2.3.0 for mac when there’s a build available :slight_smile:


Yeah, me too! :slight_smile:

I’m currently enjoying webdav network locations on my Win10 machine for simple drag & drop uploads/edits in a network drive type setup.

Are there benefits to switching to the dedicated client that may appeal to me?

I had some serious issues with the Mac client so I’m really interested in using and testing that new client

@JasonBayton it is totally different usage pattern. The client exists to sync data between nextcloud and desktop computers.

@JK74 - what happened?? latest stable NC-Client runs very well on Sierra.


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Update from latest stable Windows-Version worked like a charme.

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@JasonBayton . I use both, webdav when I want to browse everything / save something on a folder that I haven’t synced. And I use the sync functionality in the app to select what I want to have available offline.

@tbrasser thanks for elaborating. I guess the offline aspect is the only difference I’d notice. I’m happy with WebDAV (unless the client is proven faster/more reliable).

WebDAV is fast but always needs network access - the client means your files are local so always instant. It allows you to share files and create share links with a right-click, that is nice. And that is about all the benefits I can think off. It does have downsides, like a delay (max 30 sec) when changes are made on the server, cpu/memory and disk space usage etc.

We have reached out to give you an opportunity to do early testing, rather then bring bug reports after the fact. This gives you a chance to test any server changes you have made as well. If you reject this open hand by bitching that the reach out is based on a lack of testing which is otherwise provided you are wrong and hostile.
ownCloud continues to invest heavily in the development of the Desktop Client, the ownCloud Server, Android, iOS and documentation which Nextcloud has decided to fork - ok. But please appreciate that and in that sense I and my team do welcome your participation to triage.
Mac and Linux users are welcome to dowload a testpilot client from!
Looking forward to any thanks you have in regards of progress made with the 2.3 version.

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I’ll stick to WebDAV for now. Thanks for helping me decide :slight_smile:

2.3.0git owncloud works fine on ubuntu 16.04
especially this is fixed

ubuntu became temporarily unusable / no response on interactions and high memory and CPU usage

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Just compiled the ownCloud client 2.3.0git on KDE Neon. So far so good. I will test new features of the client and report back soon.

BTW Does anyone know how to make packages for Dolphin integration?


Please, could someone write the differences between 2.2.4 and 2.3.0 - mainly the new features?

I am not able to read the code to find them out.

Maybe the milestones page can help.

I could also compile the latest version of the client inside the Nextcloud theme. I mean, I replaced the ‘client’ directory from ‘client_theming’ by the latest version from ownCloud client branch. I got a few warnings from CMake, but it compiled the main client finally. A screenshot is below:

Howdy K, sorry for the late reply. My notifications are not working yet.

above picture.

I can’t get around this error on a MAC. Only my MAC users have this issue…
They can’t use WEBDAV either its shows no files at all :frowning:

In addition for MAC users the preview of like JPG files in safari/firefox is not working either.

Would you have a suggestion?

cheers, Jeroen

Hopefully the next Mac client will fix this known issue. I guess the current Nextcloud Mac client was compiled against an older OpenSSL library, or something like that.