Is there an ETA Windows client 2.3

Just wondering if anyone knows an ETA for the Windows desktop client version 2.3? It looks like the code base is the same as the one from ownCloud and “just” the branding is changed. And as the new release comes with some performance improvements that we’re suffering from not having them, I’d be curios to understand the schedule.

It’s on the way:

Not sure if there is an official schedule.

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You can help test the 2.3 client! :wink:

Thanks for the link, I’ve just installed the RC1 and it works OK. My problem is that the Windows client is almost always scanning the directories looking for changes. Is that a known issue or where should I be discussing this?

@jospoortvliet There are some untranslated strings for polish. Where can I translate them? I can’s see anything at transifex.

@jurgenhaas Windows 10, green icon :slight_smile:

See also Help testing the 2.3.0 desktop client beta - if it is a bug in the client, submit it at ownCloud.

If it is something probably unique to our theming, I think bugs can be submitted here: