Help testing RC1 version of 14.0.2, 13.0.7 and 12.0.12


I find it better if Nextcloud delay the release and fix more open bugs.

Otherwise, the errors are reported over and over again. I think that makes more work.


With 14.0.2 RC1 it is still not possible to upload files to a shared folder which is owned by another user.

Only the owner of the shared folder is able to upload/create new files and folder.

See Kein Hochladen möglich in geteiltem Ordner seit NC 14.0.1


Have you try the RC2?


Not yet, but i will test it now.


just updated one of my instances to 14.0.2 RC2 but upload error is still there.


We tested this and could not reproduce it. Let’s move this out of the forums:


Fix for the problem of @ssg_mick is in

I will close this topic here for now as the maintenance releases are out.



We just did a followup release due to the problem of @ssg_mick - 14.0.3 has this fix included.

Changelog for 14.0.3: