Help test the Android 3.0RC3 client

Hi all!

A new version of our Android app is in heavy development :iphone: As there have again be so many big changes, the team decided to call it 3.0 once it is out. For now, though, we’re at Release Candidate stage. That means: we can’t find bugs anymore so you have to help us hunt them down! :bug:

Grab the app via google play store as a beta tester:
or later on Fdroid. :robot:

Note that this version of the client supports End-to-end encryption :lock: but you’ll need Nc 13 with the E2E app to test it. Other things to test include the auto-update, configurable storage, Android 8 support, IPv6 connectivity, rtl language support, :writing_hand: the activity view and just general clicking-around.

You can put your feedback in Github:



Great! Perhaps an improvement could be to set an own passphrase for encryption or a copy symbol for sharing this passphrase to some password container or elsewhere.

is the hunt on NC-shirts only valid for NC-instance code itself or does it count for this one here as well? :wink:

No apk at :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my app. Seems everything is working.

thnaks for your work !

we sure as bananas won’t let ppl pick their own passphrase for encryption. We designed the end-to-end encryption to be idiot proof and users often pick bad passwords. In our design, they can’t :wink:

The passphrase is stored locally on the phone. It is indeed an idea to let users copy it though they shouldn’t be storing it on Nextcloud or email it unprotected… Perhaps it is better if they take our advice: WRITE IT DOWN. Just that. Literally. It would certainly be best…

Awesome !! . Do we have a BETA/RC release for IoS, windows , linux that as
well ?

Yes on a abstract security logic you´re absolutely right, but from user design / use this will never work great. We´ve to provide a way for restoring: if you write it down, the notice can be lost. There is more need for documentation and caution telling when an user want to encrypt anything: a warning etc.

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As a remark to the announcement we are also looking for help with translation of the app over at transifex
Every bit will be of great value :slight_smile:

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We have all files at and for 3.0 RC1:

In fact you can copy the passphrase like regular text: long click on it and select it.
But as you said, Jos, there is a reason to not promote this too much :wink:

I suggest you read more about our end-to-end encryption design - it is described in our whitepaper you can download on

In short: we have a far better solution than letting users pick a password and hoping they read the documentation and warnings that tells them to pick a good one, write it down and not forget it

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Cool. Thanks.

After I’ve installed the latest app version I realized the following behavior:

  1. In the past I had marked several folders and files as favorites which caused double entries in the favorites menu. Although I’ve removed the favorite marker, I still get double folders displayed if I browse through the folder tree. How could I force a reload of a folder view and get rid of double entries?

  2. I’ve removed all favorite markers in the app so that the favorites folder itself is empty. Nevertheless some of the favorite markers are automatically reappearing after I’ve refreshed a folder?! How can I make sure that favorite markers are correctly removed?

  3. It is possible to lock the app with a PIN or fingerprint. Is it correct that you can enable both at the same time so that you have to authenticate twice to access the app? I would have expected that the fingerprint replaces the PIN and not add an additional authentication layer.

  1. on each folder entry we refresh the database. Strange is that a favorite folder is shown twice at all.
  2. see above: should be handled by app
  3. good point. on next release (3.1) we will change the pin/fingerprint system. It had to be postponed.

Regarding 1/2: if you want you can create a test account and see if it happens there also. If so you can send a mail to android at nextcloud dot com with a reference and I will have a look.

Unfortunately the refresh function seems not to work as expected because I wasn’t able to delete double entries by refresh the folder view. On my web server I saw that the app requested an update but it had no effect on how the sub-folder was displayed in the app.

Therefore I decided to delete the app and reinstall it to start from scratch. After entering my credentials I opened the folder and now all sub-folders were only displayed once.
Then I marked a file a sub-folder as favorite and switch to the favorite menu entry in the app.

Surprisingly both favorites were displayed twice again. I return to the original folder and checked the entries again and the file and the "favorite " directory and file entries were displayed twice in that view too.
I wasn’t able to solve it be deselecting the favorite markers. The folder view still showed double entries.

Nice analysis @j-ed, as a favor can I ask you to report it to the issue tracker on Github, here: ? This way it’ll be picked up by the devs way faster :slight_smile:

Is there a way to reset the password? I misplaced it, since I do not save testing passwords in my password save. I don’t find a way to reset it via app or otherwise.

@j-ed can you create a test account and try if it happens also there and if so send us the credentials to android at nextcloud dot com?

@MorrisJobke is there a password reset feature?
@lars-becker the Android app itself doesn’t have such a feature

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