Help test our desktop client!

I am not getting the nested nextcloud context menu on files. Only folders.

I have installed the daily for today and the Release · dokan-dev/dokany · GitHub

If I could have, I would have.

Hi Guys,

I expect the Virtual File System so much. Can you already give a forecast when the release can be?

It would be great for a reply

With best regards

Download the OwnCloud client. It works with a NextCloud server and contains the new virtual filesystem.

Looking at the release cycle, it should be in about 2 weeks.

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Once the virtual file system is in place, I think that should facilitate easily adding an “Edit on Desktop” option to the Nextcloud UI. So, from the web interface, be able to open a document for editing in a desktop application, and save the changes back.

If that worked smoothly, it could be a good alternative to the problematic web office suites for a lot of users, and also make convenient editing files with any desktop application. I wonder if anyone’s looked into this?


Virtual File system is available with the latest Client software (Index of /desktop/daily)
Works also with version 20.xx of nextcloud.
Thanks for the great work.

Been using E2EE since it was released. It is a big part of my workflow and has bee problematic. I’m not complaining especially since I paid absolutely nothing for this great software. However I just set up a test server in the cloud and installed that latest nightly on a test laptop. WOW!!! Progress!!!

Git cloned nextcloud server on my laptop, setup E2EE and let it sync. Thousands of files, about 1.5G in total and it just worked. When I was on 3.1.x I would have had to ssh into the server and mess with the database to make such a transfer.

The setup: Ubuntu 20.04, Nextcloud installed via Snap on the server, version 20.0.8.

Test Laptop: Fedora 34 (beta), Nextcloud Desktop, nightly build.

Thank you all, I’m happy to see progress. I will set up a second laptop to see if I can break something. I’ll also see what this virtual file system stuff is about. I never used it, but I will test it once I understand what it is for.


How can i enable virtual files on the MacOS side i know how to do it on the windows side but not on the MacOS side

If you read through the post, then you see that the feature is still experimental for macOS and Linux:

To enable the virtual file system on Linux and OSX you need to set showExperimentalOptions=true in the section [General] in nextcloud.cfg. We are still working on the Linux and OSX backend, that is why it is experimental.

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Thank you for the quick response! Just wanted to create a new topic incase someone asked for it easy to understand and read :slight_smile:

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Would be lovely, we actually have discussed this and are looking to see if we can pull it off :wink:

Don’t hold your breath, it isn’t easy to do (very hard, actually, it seems) but if it is possible we’ll find a way.

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This thread has gotten a bit quiet. How is the testing going for virtual-drive on MacOS? Has anyone hit any bug causing data loss or corruption on the desktop? Is there a planned date for general release of the feature?

I just want to ask the same … Virtual Files is a great feature (the only thing I’ve missed when I changes from Seafile to Nextcloud), but I most urgently need it on our MacBooks where space is limited.

Any status update?

I just did a fresh isntallation of the Nextcloud 3.3 Client o a VM, but VFS is not available:
It shows:
Plugin für virtuelle Dateien: suffix

On an existing 3.2 installation the upgrade to 3.3 shows the following:
Plugin für virtuelle Dateien: wincfapi

Is there any need to install anything else?

It is a shame we haven’t heard anything more on this lately. Have just setup a Windows user and she is very happy now she has this, instead of a full disk drive of video files she only needs to work on a few of!

Us macOS users would love it too!

Hello! Installed for MacOSX and 1st - the fonts is corrupted (works normal on stable release) AND virtual files does not work as I want - when I double click on VF.nextcloud it just opens a NextCloud app. I can use context menu to download file BUT

The Google Drive app works flawlessly, like in Windows. Why Nextcloud can’t use same technique? No extensions and perfect automatic downloading. Look at screenshots!
Снимок экрана 2021-10-28 в 09.07.52|690x153

Снимок экрана 2021-10-28 в 09.05.48|422x499

It does work on macOS. Add showExperimentalOptions=true to the the [General] section of the nextcloud.cfg file in /Users/youruser/Library/Preferences/Nextcloud/. My girlfriend uses it on a MacBokk Air mid 2013 without any issues.

Cannot confirm that. On my girlfriends MacBook Air (mid 2013, macOS 11.6.1, Nextcloud Desktop-Client 3.3.5) it first downloads the file and then opens it with the corresponding app.

Thank you for reply! Tested little bit deeper - with documents it really opens normal document. With mp4 and m4a files it opens Nextcloud app and nothing more happens.

But google drive’s implementation looks more reliably and informative