[Help] How to use groups?

I just enabled Contacts in nextCloud 13 and can use it as I want.
My only concern is about using groups.
I created a personal group and added some users inside.
Now I try to share something with the people in that group… but the group doesn’t appear.
I have my LDAP groups, but if I type the name of my personal group… it doesn’t exist.
If groups are possible, it’s certainly because you can use them, not only to sort personal contacts together in the Contacts page… Right?
Any way to use my personal group for sharing?
Thanks for any help

Nothing to do with ldap.

within nc, as an admin, you can create groups like users, familly, pro …
Each users can be automatically or manually add to this “group”.

When all users are sorted per group, you can use the app folder group to create or not a special sharing folder for one or several groups.

to created group:

  • sign in as admin
  • go upper rigth corner, admin icone, then users
  • sign + upper left corner “+add group”
  • created and add the group

For user, same page

  • use colonne group, then drop down box and choose the group or groups

To automatically add new users to a specific group like let’s say familly:

  • sign in as admin
  • go upper rigth corner, admin icone, then setting
  • additional settings from left list
  • then redistration and choose from dropdown box

If using APP: social logging

  • sign in as admin
  • go upper rigth corner, admin icone, then setting
  • social logging from left list
  • then use dropdown box in top middle of the page.

I’m not sure to correctly understanding.
What I need is on the user’s side, not the admin. When they go to Contact, they can create a new contact. In the Group field, they can create a group, to which the contact will belong to.
Then, I want the user to be able to use his personal groups in the document share field, but that group never appears.
If I create a new personal user UserA. Then in the “Group” field I type “MyGroup” this is going to create that personal group, which will contain UserA.
Then I switch to Files, and try to share a file, if I type MyGroup in the share field, nothing happens, it tells me MyGroup doesn’t exist.
I do not have a dropdown box, so I don’t see what you’re mentioning?

YEP, sorry, my mistake. I had read your post too fast… your talking about the APP CONTACT.

I am sorry, i dont use this app, i found it useless for me.

Hmm… Contacts are not Nextcloud users. The contact member “group” applies only to the contact app and has nothing to do with Nextcloud users and sharing afaik. May that be the point?

Yes, what I need is the end users creating their own personal contact list. For example, when they work with designers, photographers, etc… People that are not in the local LDAP directory.
Then they could be able to create groups like VolcanoExhibition where they would put all the designers, photographers, etc…
On the share option, they should be able to type VolcanoExhibition and then all the members would be able to access the docs.
In the share, the only groups they see are the ones form the institution’s directory. They can’t build their own groups.

This is meant to be this way. What you want would first need a feature request from you and then some development.

But I’m not even sure if this would be possible, because as mentioned, there is no link from the personal address book of each user to the directory (LDAP or local) as those are completely different entities. Handling each user’s address book/contacts and their groups and linking them to the Nextcloud USERS directory would be quite a challenge.

Though, you could train your NC users to create public shares protected by passwords and send those shares to “external” people by email. But there will be some administrative responsibility, like each user/groupadmin tracking the shares and managing passwords.

Yes sending emails in plain mail would be stupid. But for regular shares, it would be fine.
If you add personal contacts they actually do appears in the share field, not only your LDAP contacts. This seems to indicate that the link between the Contacts app and NC does exist, otherwise, they would not appear (as long as they have an email field). I thought that the groups would also appear.
I’ll disable the Contacts app as this will confuse our users.
Thanks for the clarification.

You’re right, address book contacts do appear - I forgot about that because I disabled autocompletion. So the contacts are available, sorry the confusion.

But the two group entities still are different and may confuse your users, that’s true. An alternative would be to enable the registration app and allow those externals to create an own account to have them available for the NC groups. Though the NC admin (you) should check the validity of the created accounts and assign them to the right NC group. Still administrative efforts, as the registration app doesn’t have an integrated “validate user” functionality yet, so you must do that manually and delete or disable those new “invalid” users. Such an integrated validation feature (notification and a “validate” button in the user management) would be awesome, I’m waiting for a quite long time for that one :slight_smile:

btw - I think the contact app is very usefull - what other way is there (besides “manually” with an android app) to backup your mobile phone’s address book and take it e.g. to a new mobile phone without using some external cloud (aka OPC - other people’s computer)?

Closing as the answer has been given. :slight_smile:
Currently we do not support groups share on files from contacts groups. There is already an open feature suggestion ticket on the github issue tracker. :slight_smile: