HEIC Previews and mov playback non IOS

Hi hoping to get some advice.
Is this link/instructions a safe and privacy free way to get heic previews working and would it work the same on 22.04?

Or does it share the same privacy/performance concerns that are listed here regarding HEIC:

And what are the concerns for HEIC here ^

Also, my iphone is set to take heic format photos yet my uploads in camera upload folder are all JPG. Does that mean they are converted using NC auto backup?

And is * OC\Preview\Movie for .mov files?

Really appreciate if someone can help me undertand all that.

Ninjajellybean, I had the case today: made 21 pics on iphone ->giving 21 pictures in .HEIC format. Then uploaded them to Nextcloud using the FILES app in iOS.
Result: 21 pics in .HEIC and 21 pics in .JPG in a NC directory.

I doubt it is Nextcloud doing a conversion ->the Apple side of things is doing this. Anyway, JPG’s are useful, no ?

I prefer the jpeg, i wouldnt have this headache if HEIC didnt exist. Just wasnt sure how mine are all jpeg yet my phone settings are set to take in High performance or what ever its called which is heic.

For HEIC support in Ubuntu, these two packages need to be installed:
heif-thumbnailer and heif-gdk-pixbuf

I have not problem enabling HEIC preview support in Nextcloud. If you also need HEIC/MOV playback feature on Android, try Les Pas

thanks, but i will require more instruction than that unless that’s a case of apt install?

Hoping to understand the privacy concerns? or is it performance concerns?

How to get heic photo preview in Nextcloud (Debian)

Thank you,

See [Solved] Image Previews only working for HEIC photos - #9 by e-raser