Having difficulty setting up Bookmarks app

Hi, the new Bookmarks app seems difficult to make syncronize with the Firefox Floccus extension. It syncronizes forever. What is wrong?
It was initially very difficult to set up, did not work through the nextcloud bookmark, but the through Webdav. But there it just stays syncronizing and I haven’t got that many bookmarks…

Hi @Jesper-Nykilde,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

I have dropped the floccus extension. I didn’t get it anyway.

My biggest issue is acually to use the bookmarks in the Nextcloud Bookmarks app on my iphone. As an alternative to the Firefox sync that have “disappeared” from the Firefox app on iOS. Firefox bookmarks are now hidden in the settings menu after a recent “upgrade”.

But there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a hold on the bookmark links on the iphone through the nextcloud app, nor through any browser. I know the Tor browser is supposed to handle this through a login, but that doesn’t work (either). Or it takes years to connect.

So now I just use it a backup for my bookmarks in Firefox and nothing else.

So, you have not been able to set it up at all, yes?

Bookmarks and Floccus have been around for many years. Sounds like you are installing them for the first time, rather than updating it to a newer release.

Floccus is different from the bookmarks app. Are you saying you cannot set up Floccus, but you can setup the Bookmarks app? Did you read the documentation for either?

iOS has the worst bookmarks support. It is being considered for a dedicated Floccus app, but developing on iOS is expensive + requires the dev purchase a Mac, so that is why you see fewer clients. The two available are listed on the project readme and both are very simple.

The Floccus extension installed of course easily, but wouldn’t finish syncing/stayed on for 12 straight hours syncing.

The iOS options, only Onion browser is available in the App Store. And I can’t figure out, it seems, the correct URL. I have tried various.
The other client/app isn’t available, so I don’t know how or where to get it.

Try reporting the Floccus issue to the developer. He is super friendly and responsive.

Fill out the support template as this issue is one impacting you specifically. The logs should tell us why the process is hanging up.

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Thanks, tried to find support on the developer site, but couldn’t. But my main issue isn’t Floccus but getting in touch or access to Nextcloud bookmarks on my iPhone.

Firefox syncing works fine on desktop, but Nextcloud bookmarks are unfortunately not (yet) available on iPhone. And as earlier stated, Firefox continues to degrade their own browser app on iOS. So if there were an easy way to access Nextcloud bookmarks on my mobile, that would be nice, otherwise it is just a backup solution for my bookmarks in Firefox (on desktop), which also means double book marking manually.

I do not believe that you couldn’t find help. Help is here if you need it:

Where is your bug report?
Talk to us on gitter, via matrix #nextcloud-bookmarks_community:gitter.im or in our official Talk channel

Got it. Maybe one day.

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