Guest Link Share Comments

is there an option to enable comments for guest if files shared by link? I found nothing, perhaps there is a feature request or an option i missed.

I hate this option. On one of my Managed Nextclouds this option is active i think because Nextcloud Talk is installed. Have you installed Nextcloud Talk and have you controlled all Nextcloud Talk settings? I think comments is a Talk function and i think only admins can activate and deactive it. Perhaps someone can write an issue at nextcloud/spreed.

Talk is enabeld and settings with integration in other apps are enabled, but for guest its not possible to comment.

Comments (built into the server) and Talk app are two different things in Nextcloud. See Nextcloud server github for discussion on implementing guest & anonymous comments.

Edit: Talk might support guest functionality, but I do not use it, so unsure.

Thank you very much.
Can you find out the user/admin-setting to activate/deactivate comments?
Why is on one of my Nextclouds this feature active and on another not?
I thought it was the app talk.

I’ll leave it to you to do more research on this. Good luck!