Grouping numbers, Zifferngruppierung

The localization infrastructure seems to work for strings but not for grouping numbers?

In German, numbers are grouped as follows:

1.000,00 = thousand point 00
1,00 = one point 00
1.000.000,29 = One million point 29

The most visible example of this is in


Some numbers are localized some are not.

Auslastung 0.52
Speicher 15.72

15,6 GB
420.59 GB

Could anybody take a look at this?


That isn’t a translation issue directly.

The source need have the correct format.

Feel free to report that issue at

I noticed the mess, too.

There are mixture of numbers. Some requre localization like 2.27 GB but others like version 7.3.1, IP Address do not.

Perhaps it is just a matter of setting locale in PHP (??) before requesting values like load, free memory, disk space? This way you don’t have to guess if a number needs localization or not?

The most striking error, because this is the first page you see after a successful installation is in


1.7 GB verwendet

So, while serverinfo has most errors, it isn’t the only place with this problem.