Group folder deleted file

hi everyone

I’m running NC 20.0.2 with the group folder plugin At the moment i have the strange behavior.
1- I delete some files in a group folder and they appear in the trash bin of every user which as access to the group folder. I can safely restore files from there.

2- When i try to empty the trash bin it seems to work in the first place but when i refresh the side. All files i deleted show up again. I can also still restore them if i want. It seems that it is not possible to empty the tras.hbin of group folder deleted files.

3-when i mark the file and folders one by one and delete empty the tash.bin it seems to works. But when i use the mark all button in the top left it doesn’t.

after that i found bellow script to delete trash bin by command:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ groupfolders:trashbin:cleanup

this command prompt for yes/no to run.i want to run this scritp as cron job can i do this and pass yes to script in cron job?

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For your script, see How do I automatically answer y in bash script? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Good luck :wink: