Group folder and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) / Gruppenordner und End-to-end Encryption (E2EE)


Since a few weeks the End-to-end Encryption (E2EE) has the stable status.

Is it possible to create a shared folder with the E2EE in its current status, which two users with different end devices (Smarthone, Desktop) can access via app and the Desktop-Cient and decrypt or open the files contained therein? Or are there any restrictions here? As the files are confidential, I am concerned that they may become unusable due to possible errors in E2EE.

I am very much looking forward to your feedback.

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Seit ein paar Wochen besitzt die End-to-end Encryption (E2EE) ja den Stable-Status.

Ist es möglich, mit der E2EE im aktuellen Status einen gemeinsamen Ordner anzulegen, auf den zwei Benutzer mit verschiedenen EndgerĂ€ten (Smarthone, Desktop) per App und dem Desktop-Cient zugreifen und die darin enthaltenen Dateien entschlĂŒsseln bzw. öffnen können? Oder gibt es hier irgendwelche EinschrĂ€nkungen? Da die Dateien vertraulich sind, habe ich Sorge, dass sie durch evtl. Fehler ind er E2EE unbrauchbar werden.

Ich freue mich sehr auf eure RĂŒckmeldungen.

Schon jetzt vielen Dank dafĂŒr!


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Can I use e2e for singular folders? Without using e2e for the whole nextcloud?
Thanks for your help!

Awkward moment of truth: the e2e app is not to be trusted. It is not easily portable, nor is it designed for sharing between multiple users. Anyone is welcome to disagree, but I would ask them how do you actually use the nextcloud e2e app to share a folder between multiple users who all have equal access? Please give us a step by step guide. I do not actually know a single person who trusts the Nextcloud e2e app integrity as of 6/22/2022.

For now you will want to use a proven app, which does not require the server and can be manually recovered from any device. An excellent choice would be Cryptomator. It is fully open source, runs on all platforms, and the company does ask for donations for the static client builds. Here is their github. You should have no trouble using this to share your encryption keys between users, but definitely check their documentation to confirm and do your own testing. It supports Nextcloud, along with all other existing file sharing services.