E2E encryption not working for shares

according to the white paper on e2ee, this should work in principle. But in my case the share menue disappears after encrypting the folder.
I hope someone can help.
Many greetings
laut White-Paper zu e2ee soll das ja grundsätzlich funktionieren. Bei mir verschwindet jedoch der Share-Button nach der Verschlüsselung des Ordners.
Hoffe, es kann jemand helfen.
Viele Grüße

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same here. I’m trying to setup a trusted NextCloud installation for our community but need to be able to share encrypted folders as mentioned in the whitepaper. I even tried the Beta channel but I’m not able to share a folder once it is encrypted. And a shared folder will not encrypt on the desktop client (MacOS in my case).

Is there any news on this subject?


Hi, please share real logs and actual information to the e2e or desktop repo so someone can help you both. Good luck!

To date, there is only a confirmation that it is not supported yet. It was supposed to be supported somewhere in 2021, but given the additional hardship caused by the pandemics, chances are it won’t.

See related issues in GitHub an in this forum.