Google data migration - multiple accounts

Hello !

I’ve just installed google integration, and it’s working really fine !

The only problem is, I have multiple google account (personal account and work account), and so I’d like to import data from both account in my nextcloud (calendar, contact…)
Is there a way to add multiple google account to my nextcloud account ?

I am on 20.0.4, on a shared host with ssh access, and I am the adminstrator for my server.

Hi ,

I have exactly your same question. I would like to avoid federate and integrate multiple clouds and accounts for it.
My personal Google and OneDrive work flawlessly, however I can’t offer the same pleasure to other nextclould users just out of the box :slight_smile:

Ok found the solution.
For OneDrive, if the App Registration is made available for External Microsoft Identity only ( Supported account types
Who can use this application or access this API? Personal Microsoft accounts only) , you are good to go for all users having a Microsoft/Live/ account

For the google API , you have to add the users in the App , under the App (APIs & Services) > OAuth consent screen > +Add users . Type all the google ( user you need there .
Make sure to add all the user you need before google change publishing status and won’t allow any more users. In this case, you have to re-create the API from scratch.


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