Google Code In is announced and we should participate

Hello people,

I see that the Google Code In is announced for this year and we should participate. @jospoortvliet, @jan @frank, I think we can have the starter jobs we have a part of this program. Unlike Google Summer of Code, it needn’t be a huge task / feature. It can involve research / design or even documentation. What do you guys think?

Link to GCI:


Yes. would be great to participate again

Hey @raghunayyar I just saw this again. Unfortunately the deadline for mentoring organizations passed. :\

Everyone in our community is welcome to take over organization of these kinds of things. @raghunayyar especially since you have experience with Google Summer of Code it would be cool if you want to take care fo coordinating Code-In in the future. What do you think? :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: damn!

I will try to take care of this in future. :slight_smile:


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Previously GSOC allowed various projects to join under the umbrella of another one. Maybe there is one that managed to register on time, which would be interested in cooperation with Nextcloud?

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Please do get involved in GSOC if you can - Google Summer of Code 2017 - WE WANT IN AND NEED YOU! :wink: