Google Summer of Code 2017 - WE WANT IN AND NEED YOU!

Hi all!!!

We’d love to participate in GSOC 2017. So who’s up for helping, mentoring or being a student?
Please add your info to our wiki:

We also can use some project ideas and I created a GSOC category for discussion here on the forums :wink:

Be a part of this!


Reminder - we can still use more mentors and ideas :wink:

We’re otherwise ready for a great GSOC!

A lot of good ideas seem to being posted in the apps / feature section, so guess you will have to choose :slight_smile:

@juliushaertl @eppfel @Silva.Arapi @Henni @irgendwie @DenisaR @Andy @tobiasKaminsky @ChristophWurst @sualko @LEDfan @skjnldsv @raimund-schluessler and others:

Please submit your project ideas to the wiki page at :slight_smile:
Anyone can suggest projects. Also, of course anyone of you can suggest a project that they would like to work on as a student during Summer of Code! :slight_smile:


Can I also submit project ideas to third-party apps? E.g. a XMPP server written in PHP?


I presumed at this stage it was any idea and that a melting pot of rough ideas might just be inspiration and a springboard for GSOC, without any dictate.

I just posted away as apols never thought about asking.

I would say so, especially since it would benefit Nextcloud, if you have specific tasks you think of as doable during the 3 months, and if you’re up for mentoring it. :slight_smile: @jospoortvliet any objection?

Hell no objections, please @sualko if you want to mentor someone for XMPP - we WANT XMPP integration in Nextcloud so please add your ideas :wink:

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Where’s the best place to submit ideas to? I mean, I could post some here on this thread, or in the wiki, or… well, where’s the most useful place?

Personally I would love to see IPFS added as an external storage source. I mean, many of us are trying to get more people into self hosting, and Nextcloud is great as a core part of how they can manage and access their personal data.

For most people though, keeping all their data on one computer at home, is just playing dice until some accident (drive ageing, fire, flood, theft) damages the hard drive and their most important data is all gone forever. RAID is complicated and not location distributed. Remote server backup systems are usually prohibitively complicated. So much safer to just keep everything in Google Drive / Dropbox, right? (ugh))

Imagine if Nextcloud used our current encryption app and an IPFS external storage addition to store users data folders encrypted on IPFS, Instantly we’re all helping backup and serve each others data, all across the world. Data is being served from the whole IPFS network, instead of a single Raspberry Pi on the other side of the world. Users could completely destroy their server and still recover their data with little more than a backup of their IPFS and Nextcloud configs. Suddenly, Google / Microsoft / Facebook / Dropbox’s multiple server “cloud” advantage starts looking a lot smaller.

Without a system for easily backing their data up across multiple geographically distributed locations, really we’re asking people to risk their most valuable personal data to the hope that they’ll never have a hard drive crash, or a fire, or a flood, or a power surge, or any kind of problem that can damage the drive in a computer. It’s only a matter of time before that bites enough people to cause a backlash. We can help make this better using advanced, yet simple to use, FLOSS software that’s already been developed. Nextcloud + IPFS.

Sounds like a good GSoC to me.

That’s EXACTLY the kind of methodology I was wanting since file-sharing methods came out with eDonkey et al. Hashed and encrypted to reduce duplication and improve allround performance. To me, that’s what Nextcloud really is about, and this is a natural extension.

Coupled with that XMPP proposal, and a decent media player and document editor* I could do away almost entirely with desktops again and go pixie-boot/thin-client to the server.

*Libre Office 5.3 is now more webby friendly?

Would a payment system like Patreon make much sense for Nextcloud? Personally I’d like that aspect to be a good-will ‘thanks for the work, keep it up and here’s 10 bucks a month for your efforts’. Purely for the core dev’s to use as required.

A seperate bounty system can be created (not the HackerOne security system, which would be kept seperate) to buy more feature’s for dev’s who would be motivated with some renumeration on their work, but code still released under GPL. I’m already toying with the idea of getting some feature’s paid for (after I get approval from the directors) as my reply above. I would like to retro-actively apply to pay some dev’s for their work as well!

Not sure how you would prioritise new feature’s that involve money (it could create some tension obviously), but food for thought for those who are willing or can submit money to see new feature’s implemented, for the good of all.

I thought more about applying as a student than as a mentor. :wink: I’ll add some ideas later today.

@jan @jospoortvliet

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So let me over-communicate this:
There are two sides to the ideas.

  1. We need a bunch of ideas to look good for Google when they check out our application :smiley:
  2. They should be useful for the students to pick up, it shouldn’t just be a wishlist of stuff random people want :smiley:

So now you know the concerns. As there are not many ideas now, having a few more would be nice.

But once there are about a dozen, we have to make sure that the quality is good: 12 is enough to satisfy requirement 1 and we should then focus on requirement 2 :wink:

So for now - add good ideas in the wiki as, right now, we just need MORE ideas. But once we have about 5 more and have enough to satisfy Google reviewers, also please help keep the idea quality good so students can find their way :smiley:

BTW what I would suggest is to try and put in links to specific issues so the prospective students can learn about the idea.


Haven’t been able to edit/comment the wiki page, so I’d like to push my favorite bug in the mail app here: : still, some attachments are not displayed at all due to peculiarities with outlook mail. Calendar invitations can’t be transferred to calendar, consequently. It’s not a beginner’s task, but — interesting.

A student won’t be working for four months on a bug so those don’t really fit on the GSOC wiki anyhow :wink:

This is for students who want to do a project developing something new for Nextcloud. Typically we’re talking about a significiant piece of functionality like “import contacts in the Contacts app” or “a thumbnail view in the Files app”.

Writing to express interest with Nextcloud as a student for the GSoC 2017. Having worked with XMPP in Erlang am curious about diving into XMPP with PHP.
Have not gone through the Nextcloud contribution process yet but have no problem getting my hands dirty.

There is an XMPP chat for Nextcloud at

Maybe you can create an issue there and ask them. I don’t have further contact information.
There are also plans to bring chat more into contact with the spreed (WebRTC) video chat, but I can’t find the details about this atm. But that could be one bold task (maybe it’s even too much).

cc @Tah_Teche @sualko

FYI @sualko created JSXC (browser XMPP client) and I created a (basic) PHP XMPP server for it (using only BOSH no TCP/IP). The server currently supports roster (basically Nextcloud users), one-to-one conversations and presence. So it doesn’t supports group chats and Chat history. Which are IMO two important features.

There is indeed work going on to integrate it more into Nextcloud and especially spreed. Here are some issues about it (not everything is super relevant)

Hello everyone,
I want to get started as a student and want to know the community in a better way. I am also looking the GSOC ideas page and interested in the project ‘Desktop sync client in Python and QT (Mentor: @mario)’. Can anyone please help me to get started with it?

Thank You
Rushal Verma