Good news everyone! RC2 of the desktop client is here

And we’d love you to test! I’ve updated (this time… forgot for RC1, sorry!) but of course it is also on

There has been a migration bug fix - if you go from 2.3.3, RC1 could break your config. This one shouldn’t do that! Some other things got merged, too. We still have open PR’s (review help is welcome) but we’re very close - we might simply release this as final, and get the other PR’s in 2.5.1 :wink:

Remember what I said about RC1 and End-to-end encryption here: RC1 of Desktop Client 2.5 is out

It is still valid: it is slower than unencrypted files; and don’t expect it to work with tens of thousands of files, it wasn’t designed for that. We WILL work on performance in the future, but it requires big changes so that will take time. E2E is designed to let you have 1 or 2 folders with some files that you want to be 100% safe from any possible server-side compromise: it is truly zero-knowledge. That comes at a cost: zero-knowledge E2E is NOT possible while offering a web interface, so you can’t access these files in the browser. And for now: it isn’t fast.


Just tried rc2. First thing i noticed is the yellow exclamation mark saying hello to me. :slight_smile: “unresolved conflicts”. Thats new am i right? Is the new client more verbose or do i have conflicts now because of the new client?

thanks and cheers

Working fine, although I really dislike the new task bar icon. It is so utterly generic, just a checkmark on a green circle. The old one had the checkmark within the Nextcloud logo, so you always knew that it was Nextcloud. Please add an option to revert to the previous task bar icons.

It seems the new client does not work with my KDE password manager anymore. I have to enter the password each time when I start the system. That was not the case before.

This is a Linux Mint 18.3 system with the KDE desktop environment.

Suddenly it (Win 10 install) stopped working, refusing to sync with “A HTTP transmission error happened, The server file discovery reply is missing”

The linux desktop works, and I can login from the browser, so I do not know what the heck it is talking about. is stil 2.3.3

I checked the kde wallet. The Nextcloud passwords are still stored there, but are not used by the new client.

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This topic was for the release candidate of a version, the final client has been released, so I close this issue.

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