Geogebra integration in Nextcloud is here. The developer is looking for testers

Hello to all,
I wanted to let you know that a Nextcloud app for Geogebra has been released. I can’t test it myself. I don’t have a test environment and am still on NC23.

Maybe you can find some here to test it. Geogebra integration in Nextcloud is very interesting and important for Nextcloud use in education centres, schools,…

Here is the Link: GeoGebra integration (app) for educational institutions


Hi Frank, just dropping by, had a brief look and this looks very cool! Thanks much for publishing it.

My humble 2 suggestions to get the project more engagement :

  • Add a link to the site on the readme (help orient people not familiar with GeoGebra).
  • Provide steps to get started after you have enabled the app, to facilitate testing and/or hand-hold new users - perhaps a new section after How to install on the readme.

Thanks for your suggestions! The honour goes to the user “hvwyl”.
He is the developer. As you can see above, I only posted his answer to my older question in the developer forum to bring it to the attention of the right experts. Maybe best to reply directly to “hvwyl” here in the forum or via Github.

Ah #fail - I’ll reach out via the forum :slight_smile:

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pls go on discussing stuff here