GeoGebra integration (app) for educational institutions

Many educational institutions have chosen Nextcloud. It would certainly complement the Nextcloud well if GeoGebra ( could be integrated into Nextcloud in some way or connected closer to Nextcloud.

I would recommend the developers of that application and ask them to develop an app for Nextcloud, so that it can seamlessly be used. I would expect that the limited resources of the Nextcloud team will not allow to develop all kind of 3rd-party apps.
As an interim workaround you could reference to that web site using the external links app.

Yeah, sure. I’ve done this before. However, so far I could only find the mail address ( I would like to open an issue on github ( But these are deactivated.

Since so many educational institutions are now on nextcloud and many teachers also use geogebra…there could be other great opportunities

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You could also try if you would like to pay someone for the development.

Sorry, this is impossible for me.
I definitely see it as an asset to all parties: GeoGebra/Nextcloud and of course the users. In this respect especially teachers and the educational institutions.

Maybe some kind of crowdfunding is possible for freelancers.
But you would definitely have to get feedback from geoGebra itself first.

So far no answer has been received from Geogebra ( I hope that such feature requests will be forwarded to the developers.

I came into contact with the geogebra office the day before yesterday. My general request regarding the integration of Geogebra in Nextcloud was answered as follows: …" so I think we can’t implement them all unless they implement some standard like OAuth 2.0".

I then pointed out the following solution from Moodle:
This has so far been answered as “interesting”.

I may want to look into this again. It might make more sense, however, if Nextcloud & Geogebra were to sit down together in an advisory and supportive capacity

I think the Nextcloud developers are always supportive and will help other creating apps etc. You can point them to the Nextcloud Developer guide or ask them to post their question in this forum so that it can be answered.