Gallery app is completely empty

Hi folks,
somehow my gallery app is not showing any photo. It is just empty. I tried to switch from subfolder to gallery view, but this does as well not work. Can I reset the app?

Nextcloud 10.0 (stable)
Gallery 15.0.0


do you have the files_mv app installed? If so, you might want to disable it. I had the same problem as you an that helped.

Also see: Gallery and Gallery+ not working


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That made the trick. Thank you!

Help! I do not have files_mv and it’s blank! Using Digitalocean with external volume storage. I see files but no photos.

same issue for me. Gallery is empty
i do not have files_mv installed.

The following error is listed in error log.
Could not find resource file “/cloud/apps/gallery/js/scripts-for-file-app.js”

I verified the directory on the server , a “scripts-for-file-app.json” is available but no .js
Somehow the.json is not recognized

gallery version is 18.0.0 installed from git-hub
NC is version 11.0.4