Full Nextcloud Docker Container for Raspberry Pi 4 & 5 with Collabora Online server (Nextcloud Office) behind Nginx Reverse Proxy Manager + GoAccess Charts. Supported with Redis Cache + Cron Jobs

I built a custom Docker image from the official Nextcloud image, which works with the Raspberry Pi 4 and 5. The Docker compose includes a container for Nextcloud, MySQL database, and a Redis Cache Server. I have also added the fixes for adding more PHP memory and adding additional PHP extensions. Video Thumbnails and corn jobs are also supported.

The how-to shows how to install and set up Nextcloud, nginx reverse proxy, & collaborate online.

Feel Free to take a look and test it out for yourself. If it all works well for you, please let me know, as I am trying to make sure my custom image is quick and easy for anyone else to use.

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