Forum, Github, Mailinglist, IRC... Where do I go?

There are now 4 (or even more?) channels for the community to communicate on.
I understand that IRC is the fast paced way to communicate, but the three others might be a bit confusing.

A few questions I came up with and a newcomer could be confused by:
Currently there are a lot of feature requests in this forum. How do we connect them to Github? How do we find duplicates?
When do I post questions to the mailinglist instead of the forum?

Maybe we could create an FAQ entry for this. (Possibly after the Github infrastructure is up an running)


I thought there weren’t going to be separate mailing lists for Nextcloud? Discourse can apparently be used via email for those that need it.

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I think Enhancements should be all collected on GitHub … As soon as our GitHub repositories are up, this problem will be solved by itself … I hope :sweat_smile: … existing discussions could be closed then, and we create Issues and reference them :wink:

Thats definitely something we should clarify on :wink:

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There is no mailinglist. (only a newsletter, which is a one way communication channel).

  • IRC: only for temporary and fast communication
  • GitHub: for actual bugs and feature requests
  • Discourse: for general discussion
    • also about feature requests that are in the brainstorming phase - to allow wider participation and collect the use cases/user stories around a feature. It doesn’t make sense to simply put “I need a button for this and that” on github, but we also want to know the why :wink: This is often caused by a longer discussion about something vague.

I hope this helps you to understand all those different channels. All in all it should bring github and the old forums together. In here are all people that are involved in the project - developers, users, customers, friends, … :wink:


Thanks for the clarifications. Now I remember reading about the mailinglist stuff in another thread.
The separation between feature requests and general discussion might be a bit difficult, but I guess we’ll figure this out over time.

I hope it’s fine to use this old thread @MorrisJobke

If there is no mailinglist, how can we receive security related updates?
I am an admin of a private instance and do not want to monitor the forum always.
Or do we have a dedicated thread for security related issues?
I guess the monthly company newsletter do not focus on this.

Thanks in advance!