For a school: parent notification system; email list like functionality

For a primary school would it be possible to create a parent notification system with Nextcloud?

The functionality might be similar to an email list server, but with Nextcloud one get much more than an emaillist only.

With the gallery app, the file sharing app and the like Nextcloud provides already some nice functionalities for a school.

( This is related to For a school: would it be possible to create a 10 minute talk list? )

Question is how should a notification system look like?

  • A class is like a circle, as such I envision that the circle app can be used.
  • Parents can be added to the circle
  • Once this is accomplished would the rest be easy?
  • Who maintains the circle(s)?
  • Often schools have often already an system with the required information, the nextcloud app should be able to import and synchronize with this system. The latter can maybe done with for example the help of an spreadsheet, that is exported from the main system and imported into the nextcloud app.
  • Should each parent have a login at Nextcloud or should the parent information be stored in the contact app that is for example maintained by a schooladmin?
    – When each parent (at least one parent per child) has a login at Nextcloud, I think that more possibilities become available. In this case parents can for example how they want to be contacted, e.g. by email or alternatively with Telegram
    – The user (parent) is now able to update his or own name and email address when needed (however, there may still be preference to update the main list as explained earlier)
  • Teacher can now address the circle and notify the all members.

Would this work? Or is this too much asked from Nextcloud?

Anybody willing to dive into this?

Some things could already work. To manage all the users, it’s perhaps a good idea to use an external authentication backend such as ldap. You can organize parent in groups (which are the classes). You have announcements in Nextcloud, contacts, chat-app, …

You probably want something like the dashboard app which gathers all important information. Your focus is more on communication and contact sharing rather than file sharing, so this “dashboard” could address these features a bit more.

Some schools have computer projects, perhaps some schools could work together. If you like more support by Nextcloud directly, you could think about subscribing to their services (or even a whole school district to cut the costs for each school). They might also assist in school projects to get students involved …


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@tflidd: why would using an ldap backend make it easier to manage the users? Wouldn’t that require an additional ldap client?

No, an LDAP server, but you probably have it already.