For a school: would it be possible to create a 10 minute talk list?

For a primary school would it be possible to create an app that makes a 10 minute teacher - parent talks schedule?

With the gallery app, the file sharing app and the like Nextcloud provides already some nice functionalities for a school.

Question is how should a schedule app look like?

( This is related to For a school: parent notification system; email list like functionality )

  • A class is like a circle, as such I envision that the circle app can be used.

  • Parents can be added to the circle

  • Once this is accomplished would the rest be easy?

  • Who maintains the circle(s)?

  • Often schools have often already an system with the required information, the nextcloud app should be able to import and synchronize with this system. The latter can maybe done with for example the help of an spreadsheet, that is exported from the main system and imported into the nextcloud app.

  • Teacher (or assistant) should be able to create a schedule with for example 3 days - with 3 hours per day for the parent - teacher taks
    – This should result in 3 colums (for 3 days) plus an additional one to list the time (19:00, 19:10, … 20:50)
    – In this case 1 colum has 18 slots (6 per hour * 3 hours) every 10 minutes. The amount of hours and length of the talks should be configurable, perhaps make it possible to add sometime between the talks.
    – There will be in total 54 (3*18) slots in this case (quitte a lot)

  • In a cell the parent can type his or her name. Or when it is more advanced, the parent can select his or her name from a drop down box

This is the basic idea. The polls app may be an starting point for this app.

Is this possible with Nextcloud, or is it too much asked?

Anybody willing to dive into this?

Cycles are just available per user, thus managed by every user individually. I suggest user groups to be the better solution here, which are managed by the nextcloud instances admin(s).

For time schedules yes polls seems to be a good start, maybe also Deck provides feature you need:

The other parts sound quite specific for your use case and too much work to develop just for 1 school at first for a developer. The import system would need to be individul for every school, as every school has it’s own teacher/students/parents database system, usage and special needs I guess. So from developers point of view I suggest e.g. some additions to the existing app/s would be more reasonable here.

But developing an own specific organization app could be a nice project for one of your informatics classes I think!