Folder size too large to sync?

What is the maximum folder size you can sync?

I have a image folder with >300 photoshop documents (.psd) in it that I am trying to sync from my desktop to my server. Each of these files tends to be 25-100 MB, so the folder is currently around 13GB in size. It also has the exported .png of the final version of the .psds.

When i try to sync this folder, the desktop client says:
“There are folders that were not synchronized because they were too big or are external folders”

I’m having this issue as well. For me it’s brand new, started as far as I can tell right after a desktop client update.

I have a bunch of sync folders as I’m running this on a business fileserver and I’m getting a prompt about not able to sync some folders due to the same warning as OP. What I’m noticing is the unchecked boxes seem to be moving and the folders are not really large. Some are <1G, <2G while other folders that are checked can be larger in size.

I did apply manual changes in one instance but wasn’t aware that folders in other remote folders could be unchecked.

The next time this happened I selected to sync all and after doing this, the client wanted to sync hundreds of gigs from a single remote folder.

I just got it a third time and selected sync all, waiting to see what happens.

Server has just been upgraded 19.0.9, was 19.0.X before using stable branch.
Client 3.1.3 as of now. Was using a prior version, 3.x.x before the upgrade.

I didn’t make any server setting changes.

Same issue here. And I don’t know why either. I think I just updated the client and am now getting this warning.