Folder not sharable, why?

Using NC 21.x.

I created a folder on the main level NC files app.

For some reason, it is not shareable. How can I make this folder sharable?


Please post more details e.g. screenshots.

Here is a screen shot of the folder in question.

The folder in question is called: Social Media - Armine

Thanks for ideas.


Resharing not allowed

You are not allowed to reshare the share.
I think only the admin of your nextcloud can set resharing in

Administration → Sharing → Allow Resharing


I created the folder. Can I not share my own folder?

That being said, I have other folder that I have that, are shared with others. Look at image…

It seems to be a selective ability to share.



I am posting the page with the settings.

Resharing is allowed.


There is no share for the listed directory MosaikART
I think you use Group Folder but sorry i do not use Group Folder.

For Social media Armine there is no Group Folder and no Share.

For armine social media, there is no share. I agree.

How to I share it?

You might be right about group share. But, it is because I have not figured out how to share a folder or a file in NC.

I have not yet figured out how to share a file or a folder in Next Cloud.

Might you have some words of wisdom to share? Being that this is a big reason why I find NC useful, I have not been able to take advantage of it.



I found a video showing me how to adjust the sharing my looking at file/folder properties.

I am using Linux Mint.

I did just that. I looked at the sharing properties. I have a message saying that sharing does not work. please look at error message.

Screenshot from 2021-09-28 12-46-23

Any ideas of what is wrong/ happening?

Why might I need samba on my desktop computer using the NC client?

Perhaps it is only a client and/or browser problem read this .

Please use another client, use another browser and deactivate all ad-blocker.


What do you mean by client? I use the client software provided by the next cloud for the next cloud software.

I tried two other browser and the same issue happens. No sharing.

I have no ad blockers.

Like I stated, using group folders allows me to share folders and their contents. But, I am seeing the limitations of this.

I look forward to using the true sharing power of NC.

Thanks for any and all assistance.

Perhaps i found the problem.

Social Media - Armine is (perhaps because of the icon) External Storage

You must in

Administration → External storage

enable the option Enable Sharing


I was going to mention that we are using external storage, but left it out.

Glad you mentioned it.

I did find the sharing option that you mentioned.

I noticed that it must be enabled for each user.

No. I think it must only enabled for each external storage Folder Name / Configuration
But perhaps you use one Folder Name / Configuration for each user :wink:
Look my screenshot above.


Yes, it is for each user.

When my guy set it up, that if we used one folder, than all files would be stored together, and all people to see all the files.

NC is connected to a FreeNAS on the same network.

If you know of a better way to configure this, I am all ears. He told me that for some reason, that using only one storage would not allow for privacy between users files. I told him that seems to defeat the purpose and why can external storage allow for privacy between users?

I would think that there is a way, but he was not able to find one.


Sorry. From external storage i only use local and not smb/cifs .