Folder deleted from server by moving it around virtual filesystem

Nextcloud server version: 22-fpm (docker image with tag c6c5f4df9863)
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 20.04 (server) - Windows 11 (client)
nginx version: stable-alpine (docker image with tag 4146b18ae794)
Nextcloud client version: 3.4.0
Virtual files plugin: wincfapi

The issue you are facing:

A couple days ago I moved some big directories (>1M files) from Nextcloud virtual filesystem to another directory inside the Nextcloud virtual filesystem. The client seemed to be trying to sync the move action, but after a while it crashed. Afterwards, the moved folders were visible in the “correct” (new) location in my virtual filesystem, but none of the files inside could open correctly.
A little worried, I ssh’ed to the server, only to find that the directory was completely deleted from de data/files/ directory. It wasn’t in the old location, nor in the new one.
The webapp shows the directories in the old location, but of course it can’t open any file.

Even if I am able to restore the deleted files (with or without Nextcloud help), this leaves me very troubled about the consistency and robustness of the product (or, at least, it’s virtual FS feature).

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: Yes

Steps to replicate it: move a big (thousands of files) directory to another directory inside a virtual filesystem.