Filetype Association - Files downloading instead of opening

Hello everyone,
I am testing the NextCloud product for the first time. I’m running NC v11.0.1, using an external storage (swift) as my Primary Storage. I’ve installed some Apps: Markdown Editor and Keeweb (on top of the original Text Editor).
When opening a MD or kdbx file with a freshly ‘enabled’ app, the file opens in the browser fine. After a couple tries, the kdbx file is downloaded instead and the MD file is opened in the regular text editor or downloaded. If I disable the app and re-enable it, it starts to work again… for a couple tries… and the problem comes back.

During my test, I’ve also noticed that I had a couple MD files to cover multiple scenarios (e.g. empty file, some with actual content, etc.) and all the files would not open the same way: e.g. one would open in the Markdown Editor and another one in the regular Text Editor.

I couldn’t find any setting for the filetype/app association. I have found another similar case (Keeweb app is downloading kdbx file instead of opening in browser?), but disabling/enabling the app seems to have worked for the guy. In my case, it works only for a couple tries…

Anyone with similar issues!?

I don’t know the specific problem, but keep in mind that NC is a client-server service used with a internet browser.
It’s up to the browser choose what to do with file opened with the mouse-click, so in this case I would try different browser to find out where the problem is (client side or server side)


I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you. The provided apps are NOT browser-apps. They are simply JavaScript code (e.g. The text editor) that is being run when clicking the file. When there is “no matching app”, then it should simply proceed with the download, which is THEN managed by the browser itself. It is up the NC to wither launch a script OR proceed with the download by providing a link to the browser.


Actually, I agree with you :slight_smile:
So you should check the log server, looking for some warning in apache or PHP log
(if you have activated them).
It’s really a strange behaviour.

I’ve done some tests today and found that:
When opening a kdbx (KeeWeb), I get one of the two cases:
"GET /remote.php/webdav/test1.kdbx HTTP/1.1"
"GET /index.php/apps/keeweb/config?file=/test.kdbx HTTP/1.1"
In the working case, there are some more requests (after) since it must generate some views and all…

As you can guess… the ‘test1.kdbx’ is being downloaded and 'test.kdbx" is being opened in KeeWeb app. What I don’t get is “what determines what link is going to be “used”?”

For the Mardown issue, both files (“” not opening as a MD and “” opening as a MD):
"GET /index.php/apps/files_texteditor/ajax/loadfile? HTTP/1.1"
“GET /index.php/apps/files_texteditor/ajax/loadfile? HTTP/1.1”

I set the logs for nextcloud to “debug” and … nothing… nothing more is generated… I make sure is was well activated by testing a “wrong password” and noticed a level 1 log (instead of only level 2+ logs)… but other than that, nothing is being generated from the apps…

any other advices?

I am having the same problem. I found it out once after I installed the next cloud with the .kdbx files. Turned out it’s doing it with all files. Any help would be appreciated!