Files suddenly disappeared

On my instance of nextcloud I was doing two things:

  1. Modifying one of the custom apps, including version number update which caused update/migration. The app did not have any db and does not write any files (accesses files readonly).
  2. Tried to run tests for the above mentioned app (unfortunately it failed because of lack of db access).

After some time I found out that the app does not work (not that surprising during development after all). The cause was that all my files were missing on disk. I mean when logging to nextcloud the files seemed to be there, but all the files on disk are gone. That is: in data directory I have a directory for each user which only contains “cache” subdir, but not the “files” subdir. If I manually add files with corresponding names it works as expected.

Any idea what could have caused the behaviour? Any idea which logs can I check to find out what might have gone wrong?

This is Nextcloud 13.0.4 on docker. Whole html directory is on a separate volume.

Not sure what the app is that you’re testing nor its behaviors, though it is weird that suddenly the data is missing. This sounds like it would be specific to something that the app does, and not Nextcloud. But to me it sounds like you’re running a development app on your instance of Nextcloud that you use regularly? I think you should change that behavior

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