Files disappearing from local and server - Very disturbing!

I’ve just came from my holidays and i’ve notice that many folders disappeared both from the server and the local machine (more than 100 Gb in diferent locations …).
This is not the first time this has occurred to me. And I can’t explain it.
It also happened to my friend. So i believe it must happen to others.

It’s very disturbing. This is very unreasonable.
This way I can’t trust the service.

Is there a way to avoid this thing?

Nextcloud isn’t deleting any data on its own and works very reliable. Without DETAILED information about your environment it will most likely not be possible to find the root cause of your problem. Additionally you should check the Nextcloud log file for related information. Deleted files are usually moved to the trash folder and all file activities which have been initiated using Nextcloud should be traceable.

Are you hosting the Nextcloud server yourself?

Hello, I have the same problem. Many files disappeared. I can’t find them in the bin, other users don’t find them either. I have checked the activity and none of the files was deleted.
How can I recover the files?
Thank you

And what does the logs say? Surely nextcloud does not delete folders/files by itself right out of the blue!? Are you running some anti-virus software maybe? Such applications are known to be more than happy to delete whatever files it see as suspicious/virus