PDF file is missing from server and client

Same here. I had one particular pdf file which I open time to time and look its content. Today, the file is missing. I checked my phone and saw that file for few seconds until nextcloud app synced files. In front of my eyes, file is gone. I have fully updated, self hosted server in virtual box image downloaded officially as “All-in-One VM image”. I using this for over an year and now I noticed this issue at the first time. Also I logged into web interface to see deleted files and there is files that I remember I deleted. But not this one. What log to check? Can someone help?

How did you open the file? Please be precise and detailed.

What phone? Android? iOS? etc.

What version of the phone app?

Thanks for fast reply. I opened the file in official acrobat reader in windows as well as in my android 13 phone with app “Document Reader PDF, DOC, PPT” from “United Developers Infotech”, v.47.0. Nextcloud app on android I has current 3.26.0. On Windows 10 I using nextcloud sync app v3.10.1. Server version Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.3).

Okay, but how did you open it in that app?

Did you go into the Nextcloud Android app and just click on the file and choose the Document Reader app as the app to open it in?

Or did you click Share?

Did you click Export?


In general, the Nextcloud Android app is a file explorer so opening a PDF stored in your Nextcloud Server won’t retain a look copy around for editing/etc.

Now does not matter what App I use i think. Few different files is missing. After login via browser, I found that missing files in log, in “Files > all files > recent” as deleted few days ago. I can’t figure out why. Can I somehow figure out what deleted it? What device? I’m logged in in few different devices.

Are you using virtual files with the windows client?