[Files-clipboard] App - Why isn't something like this part of NC-core?

As we all know that moving files from one place to another is the most basic thing you expect from a software like this.
Thus I just am surprised that it doesn’t come as a part of NC itself but only as an app.

this little app works like a charm so far and i think i should be integrated into NC, directly.


Even bulk move has been missing since the option to move files was introduced (oversight much?)


It is an old topic, actually:

Nice to see that it might come to Nextcloud 13, finally. A good web based file manager is very important if no sync client/webdav access is available.

Such apps can make it to the core finally, the direct menu was for example integrated in NC12.

Twist some arms there @tflidd. By the time this conference is over we should at least have bulk move :stuck_out_tongue:

Asynchronous operation is very important in that regard. It is useless for big movements if it relies on the client browser and the connection drops/system crashes and the operation did no go through completely.

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…which I would assume is already in place given the ability to mass drag-and-drop files at the moment works.