Add typical file manager features like cut/copy/paste into Files/Core


Nextcloud should have standard file manager features like cut/copy/paste (and probably other things as well) in its file manager app. Currently it is only available with 3rd-party apps, but this is really essential if one has only access to the web interface to do file operations.


Yes, @jan and I, with some others were already having a discussion about this in the ownCloud issue tracker.

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I know, but these features aren’t available in Owncloud till now. Hopefully it will be implemented in Owncloud, as these features are really standard in every more or less complete file manager nowadays (web or desktop based).

I got the same problem, can’t copy/cut/paste/move a file or folder from Web, forced to install the client, sync the folder i want, and move/paste/cut/copy as i want and then oC synced back.

It would be great on a left click or “…” option to have the possibility to move/paste/cut/copy from Web interface.

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Another problem is that the operations aren’t done asynchronous. So if you delete a huge folder for example, this is currently basically impossible if you want to do it over the web interface. Cut/copy/paste have the same problem as well, probably.

Here is the old bugreport:

A progress bar would also quite handy for these operations.

For moving files there is this app:

It allows copying and moving of files. It works pretty well. I use it under OC 8.2.5.
Only drawback: You don’t have a progress bar.

There was some work happening on making operations asynchronous iirc.

I seem to recall someone saying that the file move app that I used to use on oc 8 doesn’t work on v9, but there was apparently another app that still works for v9. I’m not sure which one this is though

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I’ll try it out today or tomorrow. I have a fresh Nextcloud installation just for testing.

EDIT: Okay tested it and it works fine. The only thing I noticed that it says that there is no highest Nextcloud version entered and that it can cause problems in NC 11 or higher.

I’m using move files app on NC9 just fine…absolutely no errors.

It did get disabled like all other 3rd party apps when I upgraded to latest 9.0.52 but that’s normal and just needed to re-enable.

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I know both 3rd-party addons files_clipboard and files_move, but cut/copy/paste and so on should be core functions that every file manager should have (and therefore the Nextcloud files app as well). Also, these 3rd-party addons aren’t supported by Nextcloud/Owncloud directly, therefore installations running only supported features miss those as well. This makes file management over the Web UI very unpleasant and clunky, and you can’t install the desktop client everywhere you have to access/move/copy files around in your account.


Any news on this topic?

Have you seen the new file move option in Nextcloud 11?

Of course.

We’re waiting vor Copy&Paste functionality and others …

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Indeed, more file manager features should become part of Nextcloud, just like the 3rd-party apps do at the moment.

agreed. I just installed Nextcloud for the first time ever and was super surprised that it doesn’t even have a copy or duplicate option. That’s essential.

just waiting file manager for nextcloud :slight_smile:


yes, please make an file-manager plugin with an foldertree. At the moment you only see the files/folders that you clicked on. It would be nice to see the (unfolded) folderstructure, too.

And as second feature: Send a file to an other useraccount (same NC-Server). I dont mean to share an file with someone. I will send files in her/his account so i can delete them. It would be one copy-command for the server^^.

any news to that feature (copy/paste of folder/files)?

Please make ‘Copy and Paste’ functionality a priority!