Files broken after encryption

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Thank you for opening my post.
I need help with recovering broken files. I long time ago (maybe 1 year ago) I enabled server-sideded encryption. After a while I ran into some issues which forced me to turn encryption off again. I disabled the encryption but forgot to decrypt the files. After some time I noticed I couldn’t access my files anymore (it says “error with loading the image” etc). I googled and I found out I had to decrypt the files. So I ran the decryption (result: all fine, no errors). After this some files where decrypted but not all of them but I didn’t notice a long time. Now I found out that some files where still broken. Some are still accessible from nextcloud but not from webdav (it says broken file), some files even can’t be opened in Nextcloud.
Screenshot 2021-04-02 225136

I ran the decryption again but they stay encrypted. What can I do to recover the files. I couldn’t find any help with google. I still have some hope recovering the files.
I would apreciate any help / ideas.
Regards Anazhir

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