File Access Control for External Storage

So I want to use file access control to allow users to sync via the desktop app one external storage drive (their person drive) but not the other external storage folders. All are CIFS shares. I thought I figured this out by tagging the folders I don’t want to sync then blocking that tag from desktop clients. However the tags did not seem to carry over to other users. Thus, the rule did not work for them. Is there a way to apply tags to a folder for all users that cannot be removed. If not, is there another way to accomplish this?

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we have the same problem with nextcloud 13

I have the exact same problem with nextcloud 15.0.7. I’d like to block sync for specific external folders. I did the same. Put a restraint tag on the folder with an admin user. Other users do not see the tag and the File Access Control rule do not block the folder from sync.

It seems that tags do not carry over to other users???

Tagging files

You can assign tags to files. To create tags, open a file to the Details view. Then type your tags. To enter more than one tag press the return key after creating each tag. All tags are system tags, and are shared by all users on your Nextcloud server.

It looks like the external storage app has not been upgraded for a long time??? Admin should be able to tag folder with the external folder app.

I followed this post.

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Did someone solve this yet? Years later the handling of external storage still cannot be tagged for all users over the gui or am I missing something?