Fifth RC of Nextcloud 25

The fifth RC of Nextcloud 25 is now available on our download server! :rocket:

We found a regression and like to ship the fixes quickly.

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:




Nice, finally not seeing the updater .step error. Awesome.


Seriously Peter, an autoresponder that replies to notifications? :laughing:

Still updating NC24+Spreed installed via /settings/admin/overview to RC5 does lead to NGINX error 500 as spreed bails out and does not get disabled in time (as it does using occ). Not every admin is able to issues occ commands. So @server devs, if that cannot be fixed in NC25 release, there at least must be a warning to manually disable Talk prior to using the web updater.

I lost the navigation bar after upgrade from RC4 to RC5.
Just FYI

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Indeed the whole theming is broken in RC5.

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Most likely due to [Bug]: NC25 not working with disabled Theming app · Issue #34338 · nextcloud/server · GitHub.

A fix for that is here and will get in for 25.0.1: set theming app to alwaysEnabled by szaimen · Pull Request #34609 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Theaming bug is fixed, niceee.

Is there a way to Set a primary color for custom wallpapers?
The folder color in the file App is Not the primary colory, why?

See Theming: compute the primary color based on the background image · Issue #34560 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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Unable to update from RC3 to RC5. Ask for a non hashed password (that I haven’t), execute the suggested command, copied the plain password in the inputbox but says wrong password.

I’ve deleted the update.secret in config.php few times and repeat the process, no luck.

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Manual update is the quickest way.

I know, but not all people has access to a console session so for me it’s a bug.

You might reconsider why you are beta testing, because occ and console access is required for such things.


Mail app 2.0.1: The right pane (message view) is still not responsive. I am a bit confused, it is supposed to be resolved it seems but apparently not? Message thread width does not reduce according to viewport width · Issue #7193 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

The stable 2.0 branch of mail misses a backport of nextcloud-vue 7.0 which should fix the issue.

Is it intentional to strip down the tagging feature in 25? I always thought tagging already was underdevelopped, while there is so much potential.

Now with 25, you have to enter three charachters to see some of your tags. Before 25, you just put the cursor in the tag field and all of them would be displayed. It was not perfect but better than it is now (while I am waiting for something like a tag cloud)

I have console access but one of the goals when you test a beta is find bugs, and this could be one. Not all people will be able to upgrade from the console, although I know that it’s not important in this moment.

Those should not run RCs :slight_smile: The thing is fixed in RC4.