Fifth beta of Nextcloud 25

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:

Things are starting to really shape up, so if you experience issues we’d really want to know to have a chance to fix them before the final release!!!

Download: nextcloud-25.tar.bz2 or



an extra-yummy treats: Beta 5 - not only made for your @bug-hunters but for everyone who feels like beta-testing (or you could apply for bug-hunters)…

grab it, be there or be square :wink:

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Lets do it!

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Upps, from 25.0.0 beta 4 to beta 5 I get: “Could not write to updater.log”
Edit: my fault, running out of space :person_facepalming:

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Is there a more indepth changelog thats a bit more detailed than a filtered git log?

welcome to the communityforum of NC where everybody tries to help everyone.

ummm… you could click on each single item of the list provided by TS to get more information about it.

Usually you can expect a complete list of changes after the release of a new version.

Some theming issues remain:

  • Browser cache: I one sets a new background image and does a (normal) page reload, the previous image (or bg color if none was set) is shown. Only on Shift-Reload (ignoring cache validity) reloads the new background.
  • If I set a custom color but on purpose do not set a background image (e.g. to save bandwidth, or as my design decision), why does the blue default cloud image remain? The “no image” is only applied to the login page, not the main screen, not even in high contrast mode (which really is a bad thing)! Currently, the only way to get a unicolor background is to create and set a bg image of that color.
  • In multiple places (for twofactor_*apps in /settings/apps and /settings/security), the (supposed to be black on transparent) app is inverted wrongly. Maybe I misunderstood something, but wasn’t the idea that a black icon be displayed back on light theme, and inverted on dark theme? Isn’t that way (see below). In the apps listing, /apps/twofactor_email/img/app.svg (black on transparent) is used, in the personal security settings 2FA section, /apps/twofactor_email/img/app-dark.svg is used – in both themes!
  • In the 2FA login screen however, /apps/twofactor_email/img/app-light.svg is used – in both themes! Apart from that, the backdrops for each method should either be centered there, or maximized so that left and right margins match to the outer box.

apps_light apps_dark
security_light security_dark

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