Federated: Trusted Servers all on Yellow, not Green

  • NC 12.0.0
  • Different federated shares received and sent
  • All trusted servers on yellow:

  1. How to bring them to Green?
  2. What is the difference between Yellow and Green?

Same behavior in NC 12.0.1

Is there anywhere a detailed description of connecting Federated Nextclouds?

Any solution?

Yes indeed, it is called the documentation:

You may also enter Nextcloud server URLs in the Add Nextcloud Server field. The yellow light indicates a successful connection, with no user names exchanged. The green light indicates a successful connection with user names exchanged. A red light means the connection failed.


(if you open a web page in your browser, you can search with Ctrl+F for key words such as “yellow”)

Hi @tflidd, Gutes Neues Jahr! :+1: :blush:

Of course we (the members of Telegram Nextcloud Group) have read the documentation! :wink:

We are running about 10 NCs.
We are trying to connect them all over Federated Sharing. But only a few (3) have a “Green connection” to one or two other servers.

What are the prereqisities for getting “Green connections”?

We checked:

  • SSL is always used, using LetsEncrypt certificates
  • Logged into the servers over configured URL, not local IPs
  • Federated shares are working
  • Encryption is disabled
  • Apps enabled: Federation

What is not working on “Yellow connections”:

  • User and group exchange

How to identify our mistakes!?!? :worried:

PS: Thanks for that absolutly helpful hint: “you can search with Ctrl+F for key words:sunglasses:

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The configuration of these Nextcloud is identical? Especially the federated shared settings in the admin menu:

  • Allow users on this server to send shares to other servers
  • Allow users on this server to receive shares from other servers
  • Search global and public address book for users and let local users publish their data
  • Allow users to publish their data to a global and public address book

You can make green connections to 3 servers from all other setups? Is there something different about these setups? Anything in the logfiles?

The logfiles are posted from my production Cloud(12.04) and the Testcloud (13beta2)

The connection is established but i can’t do anything. When I would share some files I get an certificate Issue.

Both Cloud’s has Letsencrypt certificates and installed on the same Server. The green connection is an Cloud hosted in http://ocloud.de

I do have the same “problem”. Servers are added automatically to federated share but are yellow. I also added the domain to trusted_domains in the config.php but it is still yellow. Has this been solved by someone?

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Strange: Suddenly on @Lars_M and my server nearly all trusted servers are green! :smiley:

We both swear: We did not change anything! :thinking:

Strange. I read this Thread this morning and would Look at my server if anything happen here. But now all Servers are green. I didn’t made any changes on the server. No restart, Nothing…

Maybe this need some times to “sync” between the connected servers?

@hustenfrei, @Lars_M - how long did it take before turning green?

Mine is still yellow after more than 24 hours.


Mine turned green too, don’t know how long it took but they are green now.

… and another day (without changing anything) and they turned green!

Somehow intransparent but well …

I can’t remember, but I think it was 24 - and 48 hours.

For me and others time did not fix that unfortunately. Affected users landing on this page might refer to Federation: cannot add trusted server.


Hello. I have two nextcloud instanses that I have trusted in Federated share before two week.

Both uses version 22.1.1 and both has trusted letsencrypt certificates

I have make all steps in documentation

I can share successfully files/folders between two instances, but they stay in yellow, not green.

What addiitional steps must I have to make to get it green ?

Thanks in advance.

I copy that question as it is (still and ever was) the same for me.

I have tried a host of things as well and no avail. I have 5 nextcloud instances. All on 22. All sitting on a Ubuntu 20.04 server on bare metal. I have one pair of instances that see each other as green. The rest are yellow.

Seems like almost no one really knows how to deal with it. It’s like a black bunny: people say they exist but I never saw one. I never saw green trust level instances either.

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Up 2022…
Can Any of NC developers can we tell us why still I see federation sharing in yellow, when all steps in documentation of NC was done?