Feature Request: Web based MindMapping apps intergration

If possible to integrate https://wisemapping.atlassian.net this into nextcloud.

Web based MindMapping app. great for note taking.

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Following the link I got a login page with a request of username and password.

I managed to find the homepage of the project: http://www.wisemapping.com/

The license, according to this page, is a bit peculiar:

What is the license model ?
WiseMapping open source edition licensed under WiseMapping Public License Version 1.0 (WPL).
Hey guys, is there any short “human readable” explanation?
It is basically Apache License Version 2.0 plus the “powered by wisemapping” text requirement on every single page. In few words it means that you can do whatever you want with the source code but you must keep the “powered by WiseMapping” text in every single page that uses WiseMapping code

I think that you have two possibilities:

  1. ask to WiseMapping to add the functionality of saving your data to Nextcloud (or contribute to WiseMapping that functionality)
  2. create or ask for a Nextcloud app that provides WiseMapping within a Nextcloud instance. If you have this goal, maybe the best tag for your post is “app ideas”

Thank you for the direction.

The goal of the post was to ask for a Nextcloud app that provides WiseMapping within a Nextcloud instance.

Similar to the ownpad app.

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see Deck - a kanban like organization app - this is a very promising kanban app.

necro bump: There is now a Mindmaps app for Nextcloud, as of version 13. It is a nightly build so you’ll need to install it manually using occ command, etc. Requires version 13 and 64-bit php 7. 32-bit release planned, hopefully with ARM support for Raspberry Pi, etc.