Deck - a kanban like organization app

Hi Nextclouders,

a while ago I started building a organization app for Nextcloud that uses basic kanban principles. If you are already familliar with wekan, trello or kanboard this might be something for you. Now time has come to release it to the public.

What is Deck

Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.

Current features:

- Add your tasks to cards and put them in order
- Write down additional notes in markdown
- Assign labels for even better organization
- Share with your team, friends or family

  • Archive cards once they are done

Further ideas

The current state only provides basic functionality. I have some ideas about integrating with other Nextcloud apps. See for further discussion.

Get it

Download version 0.1.0:



Please use the release from GitHub and extract it to your apps directory. It will be released to the app store soon.

Get involved

As it is open source of course discussion about features, bug reports and especially pull requests are always welcome. :wink: I’d love to hear feedback and ideas for driving this app further. :rocket:


Nice work.

Just trying it to collect some thoughts for a workshop - I am impressed. Let’s see how the integration to other apps and to user management turns out.

awesome, I was looking for this!

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Nice … I will give it a shot :smiley:

It’s a promising app, I like it

Awesome job Julius!

This looks really great! Just a thought, don’t know if this is feasible at all… I assume that there are already a lot of Kanban & task management apps available for mobile (Android and ios). Would be awesome if your app would be usable with such a app, so that you can organize the tasks in the Web and on mobile. Did you already thought about it?

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With a few tweaks this app should work fine in mobile browsers. The Nextcloud webinterface itself works very well on smartphones.

Really looking forward to further progress on this app. I was always toying with ideas to use together with Nextcloud, but the lack of proper integration always let me shy away from it again. This looks like it could soon fit the bill, as most of the advanced features of Kanboard are really rarely needed.

Thank you everybody for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Do you have any example for apps like this? Of course it would be great if we could use something existing there. Mobile is a big thing for making the use of apps like this more convenient. But as @Krischan already said, except for some smaller glitches it already works on mobile browsers.

Great app! Could you please tell, how to translate it? Where is location of language files? Thanks!)

Fantastic effort, it makes NC an even more attractive proposition with their kanban boards right there with the project files, calendar entries and everything else a company might need :slight_smile:

Looks like something I could use ! Nice work !


Thank you @juliushaertl… I’ve spent many weeks over the last few months looking for something I can integrate well enough with my Nextcloud. Having a production level Project Management system that I could integrate with CalDAV has been the final missing link from moving my whole business over to Nextcloud.
Saw the integration with other apps in Github - that would be great, meaning I could add tasks/ideas via my phone, it would sync to Tasks and then a Stack in Deck.


Is it possible to make a translation?

I’ve moved the repo to the nextcloud organization at GitHub, once transifex is enabled for the repo, translations will be possible there.


I’ve moved the repo to the nextcloud organization at GitHub, once transifex is enabled for the repo, translations will be possible there.

Welcome !

Really like were this is going. Thank you Julius.

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This is a great addition to the nextcloud system. I’ve been playing around with Deck and I haven’t been able to figure out how to add team members to a card?

Thanks again for all the work and dedication!

Is there a way we can pay to make this app happen faster… Crowd fun etc?

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