Deck - a kanban like organization app

This is not possible atm, but planned in the near future.

I’m working as a freelancing software developer and I’m always open for getting hired to work on open source projects like deck. If you are interested, just contact me. :wink:

In terms of crowd funding, I might setup a Patreon profile like @brantje did for the passman app, but I need to check what other platforms are out there that might make sense. That would of course allow me to spend some more time, working on deck. I’ll keep you updated on that.


Hi ! Thanks a lot for this really handy app !

Just wondering… Could a stack be considered as a todo-list, for synchronization with standard CalDav apps ? (I’m quite clueless, it would probably not make much sense as one would need 1 agenda per stack to get the todo-list linked to the given agenda… :smiley:

Have a look at this issues…

Question: Why not run Kanboard inside of Nextcloud, instead of reinventing the whole thing? Have Kanboard and this seems many miles away :frowning:

I think WeKan is so much further in development already. They are enterprise grade. Why reinvent the wheel?

Also Escubaer just one comment above suggested the app Kanboard which I have never heard of, but also seems to be further in development.

I just noticed a bug in deck (cards can not be moved to stacks that are empty) but I am not going to report it on github because I hope you will join forces with some of the existing kanban apps and bring it to nextcloud — please!!!

So I originally also had a look on how we could integrate with existing solutions, but I’ve not found a nice solution that will make it feel like a native Nextcloud app. For wekan in special there is a whole different server stack required for deployment, so setting this up besides Nextcloud is a huge effort for sysadmins. (See Yes, for kanboard that would be easier, but you still have to maintain two different software installations.

Another reason for creating a separate app was that other external integrations like web mail clients we had in the past were also lacking a lot in terms of user experience and the integration with Nextcloud. I guess the Nextcloud mail app was developed for a similar reason.

There is no reason for me someone may not start working on integrating one of those solutions to Nextcloud, it was just that I expected it to work nicer if I start with a native app. (And I also mainly started this as a learning project for angular js :wink:)

I hope I could clarify things a bit.

That bug will be fixed in the next bugfix release. :wink:


Btw. we now have some ways to donate to the project at the bottom of the page here:

Wow, that’s one attitude to have towards it I guess.

Glad you have it already, else I’d have happily logged it for you.

Wow, that’s one attitude to have towards it I guess.

The opposite of being helpful, I think.

Glad you have it already, else I’d have happily logged it for you.

Me too, as it is already in an issue I don’t need to either:

Which important features that Wekan/Kanboard have are missing from Deck at the moment? Does anybody have a comparison/list of them?


Hey, apologies for the “but I wont file a bug report because I want you to join forces on the other app”.
That wasnt cool.

Thanks to everyone in this project, thanks for your time and energy.

@alexanderdd If it is still relevant, please report the bug you found in Deck. Thank you.

Developer was already aware of the issue, as can be seen in comments above.

I know only basics of PHP, REAL basics :slight_smile:, but, would like to give it a try with integration of calendar and bootstrap functions in this Deck app.

Then, it can even send notifications to your app :wink: about some stuff you should do.

I’ll look how to do it and would love to get help with it cause as you know, I’m not a programmer :).

Thanks for all the work till now,


Peace & Love!

Hi @Piotr_Ficner,

great that you want to start contributing. I would suggest to pick some good first issues we have to get familiar with the source code and development in the deck project.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the corresponding github issue or join #nextcloud-deck on freenode irc.

Would it be feasible to share boards between different Nextcloud instances?