[FAQ] When will 12.0.1 be released?

For those who’ve been asking, in particular anyone looking to migrate from OwnCloud but facing issues with the upgrade path:

So, expect it within the next week from today (25/07)

Maintenance and Release Schedule

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Well he didn’t update it here :stuck_out_tongue:

…and for all who want to know how many issues are still to solve before releasing --> take a peek here: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/milestones


And normally there is a beta version and/or release candidates a few day before…

The RC is out, though :slight_smile: (I didn’t see the announcement either)

We noticed some minor issues with it and stayed away from a bigger announcement and want to fix those issues before :wink:

Because of that and some administrative issues we needed to push the release date a bit and it may be that it will be pushed to next week if the issues are not trivial to fix.

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I accounted for minor delays :smiley:

FYI RC2 is done I believe. We might be able to publish tomorrow…


Looks like we want a bit more time to test - Thursday looks more likely. Some even vote for next week so pls help test the RC :wink:

Pfff. Updated my op :stuck_out_tongue:

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i put my bet on: it IS gonna come out.
note: i didn’t mention any specific timeframe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Promised (expected) release day + 10 days is a good measurement. It’s almost always late. If you want bleeding edge, install 13 Alpha. :smiley:

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The “Maintenance and Release Schedule” for 12.0.1 has been changed to 2017-08-07

Is there a direct Link to the most recent RC Release or do I have to use GitHub?

Well, strange…

My nextcloud-prod instance is 11.0.3 now, but there is info about upgrade to 12.0.0 from may, but my nextcloud-test instance is 11.0.3 (it’s like mirror of nextcloud-prod), but there is no info about upgrade to 12.0.0.
In few days will be 12.0.1 relaesed.

I would like to upgrade to 12.0.0 first and after some weeks to 12.0.1 at my both instances.
What web updater shows me after relaesing 12.0.1 from Nextcloud crew?

Is it possibible to use webupdater after manually download the .zip file even is there is no notification of update availability?

You can go directly to NC 12.0.1 (it’s the same code base like 12.0.0 but with less bugs).

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The case is that I want to stay one version behind latest stable here.
Upgrading manually without web updater is the only solution here?

That makes no sense. If the stable version is not stable enough for you, stay with the NC 11.0.x-branch until you consider 12.0.x stable enough. But then use the latest version of it.


It makes sense for me :slight_smile:

I can imagine the use case that you prefer a version with known bugs over one that might surprise you, but otherwise, yeah, 12.0.1 will be the same as 12 but with over 100 bugfixes… :wink:

The web updater won’t allow you to do this, indeed, you will have to do it manually. That’s kind of intentional as being not on the latest bugfix version is strongly warned against: the latest release has also the latest security fixes and we publish information about those 2 weeks after it was released.

That means that 2 weeks after we release 12.0.1, a sysadmin can check on our website what security issues we found in 12.0.0 and then use that info to see if they got hacked.

But also: somebody who wants to hack a Nextcloud server that still runs 12.0.0 can look on our website how to do it!

So upgrading later than 14 days after we publish a bugfix release is, from a security POV, a bad idea.

Still your freedom of course, just - risky!

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