External Storage Files Missing


We’re testing out NextCloud on our system and would like to use it for clients but we keep having issues with the External Storage. Occasionally folders on the attached External Storage just get removed from the local client PC. The only way we seem to be able to resolve this is by jumping on the server hosting the files and randomly removing/adding/renaming files till Nextcloud re-scans it and adds it back to the sync list.

This seems to happen about twice a month (at the rate we use the software).

We are currently running Nextcloud 10, the Hyper-V image that was available for download and setup.

Any thoughts?

More details would be helpful (which kind of external storage) and possible errors in the logfiles. There have been similar reports before (check also owncloud). If you can reproduce this problem, it would be great to submit a bug report.

A workaround in one of the other issues was to just connect via webdav and update some dummy-files that Nextcloud will scan the folder again.