External Site - Integration help.nextcloud.com does not work

I am trying to get a Discourse forum to display within my Nextcloud instance. But when I try e.g. opening this Nextcloud forum (that we are on right now) as an external site, I get this:

Am I not supposed to open them as “external sites”, or what might be the issue here?

Not the same topic, so I splitted it.

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Unfortunately I don’t understand why the displayed error message cannot be understood. By default the External site app is embedding a page in a kind of “Nextcloud frame” which isn’t allowed due to security concerns. Tick the “This site does not allow embedding” check box to get forwarded to the website.

Ah, alright! So it is impossible to open a Discourse forum within the Nextcloud instance?

I cannot tell you if a Discourse forum cannot be opened in general but “help.nextcloud.com” can’t definitely be opened, as the error message shows you.

Right. I was thinking that perhaps I was integrating Discourse wrongly. Perhaps it is not ment to be integrated as an “external site”. Partly what confounds me is that the Discourse SSO app page states:

Discourse can then be used as an external app inside Nextcloud

You’re mixing-up different things. As I already wrote “help.nextcloud.com” isn’t allowed to be displayed in a framing environment. That’s most likely a decision which has been felt be the administrator of the forum, but that doesn’t mean that a Discourse forum cannot be configured differently - to be honest I don’t know.