Discourse integration - getting stuck at user-api-key

NC 20.0.1 (snap)
Ubuntu 20.04

I am trying to get a Discourse widget on the dashboard. I go through the process, gets me to the Discourse forum page where I have to authorise it, I do that, and then it goes to <discourse.domain>/user-api-key and gets stuck there. All I see is a blank page, no loading.

I have tried with FF (with and without the tracking protection enabled), and with Chrome, same behaviour.

Is it an issue with the particular Discourse forum I am trying to integrate (not this one), or my NC?

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Hello, have this up and running with this forum here.
Give it a try and integrate this forum as a test.

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It turns out it works with this forum, but not with the one I want (community.signalusers.org).
Would you have any idea as to why I am getting stuck on this user-api-key page there? What admin (presumably) settings could be different between the two fora?

Works, just took an additional step for adding Discourse details to the Nextcloud instance. Thanks! imho this forum should be the default Discourse instance recommended for this integration under Settings.

Seems there is no way to add multiple Discourse servers. :frowning: Am I missing something?

There is always room for more :wink:

Good idea. Would you mind filing an issue here:

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