External attendees cannot accept invitations

Hello community,

I have an issue with my calendar app. When I invite external person they get the e-mail with the three options “accept”, “deny”, and “more options”. However, if they click on one of the links, only an error message is shown:

There was an error updating your attendance status.

Please contact the organizer directly.

I already checked the “common” solutions I’ve found (update app, update nextcloud, only unique e-mail addresses on users), but to no avail.

If, however, I have a (local) user in my database with the exact same e-mail address as the external attendee, the links in the e-mail work like a charm and the event is updated correctly.

This seems buggy to me. Or is this the actual behaviour, that only nextcloud users can accept/deny an invitation?

I’m running nextcloud 17.0.3 on an Rapsberry Pi 3b+ with Raspbian 10. I have the LDAP plugin configured to get the users from my LDAP, only one local account for testing purposes.

I can provide a system report link if anyone’s interested in checking the system config.

Is the calendar app updated in nextcloud 18? Is it worth a shot to update to nextcloud 18?


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Updating to NC18 didn’t resolve the issue :slightly_frowning_face:

You should begin with inspecting the nextcloud.log when the attendee clicks on the link.

Same problem here. Checked settings/admin/logging, but nothing gets logged. Is the nextcloud.log a different log file?

Possibly same issue:

hello @tcit I experience the same issue and here is the nextcloud.log when an attendee clicks on the link : https://paste.yunohost.org/osoparuwor.pl

It doesn’t work either the attendee is external or internal. I get this error

However, it is possible to Accept or decline within applications like thunderbird or calendar app on smartphone. The attendee can confirm his/her presence through app but not by clicking on the buttons (Accept/Cancel) in email.
It looks like link are outdated even though I try with external attendee that couldn’t update by any other way than clicking on the button in the email…